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Massage Therapy
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Integrative Massage (50 minutes)
   Integrates a variety of massage techniques to address the needs of your body. Including: Swedish Neuro-Muscular Therapy, Acupressure and Reflexology.
Back and Neck Massage (30 minutes)
   Enjoy a relaxing deep muscled massage designed to your needs.
Scalp Massage (20 minutes)
   A wonderful way to ease stored emotional and mental tension.
Foot Reflexology (25 minutes)
   Reduces tension and fatigue using an ancient healing art that applies pressure to the nerve endings of your feet and hands, which corresponds to every organ, gland, and body part.
Heart and Soul Body Work (80 minutes)
   Enhance your well being on all levels by allowing age-old practice to envelop you in their own unique styles, that will leave you feeling totally conneted physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Bodywork includes: Polarity, Armoatherapy, Acupressure, Crystal and Stone Therapy, Reiki, and Color and Sound Therapy.
Hot Stone Massage (80 minutes)
   Hot lava stone massage is a basic body massage enhanced by the use of hot lava stones applied to teh body. They are placed at various trigger points to help relax the muscles and ease release of tension. The stones are also glided over the muscle area using heat and friction to relax the muscle tension.
Deep Tissue Massage (80 minutes)
   A deep massage concentrating on specific muscle groups to relieve the body used to balance the body's energy flow resulting in good health and well being.
Deep Tissue Massage (50 minutes)
Deep Tissue Massage (20 minutes)
Aromatherapy Body Massage (50 minutes)
European Combination Massage (80 minutes)
European Combination Massage (50 minutes)
Swedish Massage (50 minutes)
   Light touch massage.
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We are open Monday through Saturday and closed on Sunday. Please call us to schedule an appointment.

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